Motorsports and Automotive photographer based out of Holly Springs, North Carolina.  The official photographer for NASA Mid Atlantic region.  Past experience in motorsports includes shooting for teams participating in IMSA, SRO, and WRL as well as various trackday organizers.  Available for booking individual clients and groups for any trackday event.


It's trackday!  You have your car ready.  Your crew is with you and the epic day is about to start.  Best way to tell people about your awesome day at the track?  Show them the pictures.

You can tell them about your time at the track or you can show them.

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From HPDE to Professional Racing


World Racing League


And the "not soo great" moments

Great people we should support

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This is a couple team based out of GA.  Great thing about this team is, if you ever go 3 wheels, off-track, and etc., you will get 2 different POVs!  How cool is that!

I call them the dynamic duo.

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Tony Politi of Politipixils is my shooting partner for NASA MA.  Tony is based out of NC and he has covered IMSA, SRO and other trackday events.  Normally I wouldn't promote someone soo close to me but he's just that good!


Fantastic photographer based out of VA.  Daniel not only does photography but he also does an awesome job making logos too!  


Chris is a motorsport and automotive photographer based out of PA.  He has worked with many trackday events and produced some incredible work.  Great guy to work with and to just kick back for a chill time.  Great human to have in  your life.  


From decals and stickers to prints and wraps, Pro-Graphx can knock that out for you.  The stickers are top quality and withstands the harshest of southern summers without any issue.  Perfect for your racecar decals.  Also they are NASA members!

Michael is a family man and a veteran.  Awesome human being who have made his teenage dream into a reality.  They make your pride and joy look their best.  How can they help you shine?  Also he is a NASA MA member!  Honda Challenge!
How did I do?

Tae has captured some of my favorite image on track, period.  His eye and speed is awesome; and I'll continue to support his work going forward.  Not only are his photography and on-track rolling shots really, really strong work; but through collaborating on projects--he has become a great friend as well.

                              ~Brian T.

His work is from angles no others capture.  All pictures are in a performance setting.  If you want real, deal with Tae.                                                         

                                           ~Jim D.

Tae is not only one of the nicest people I've ever encountered, but his dedication to getting that perfect shot is scond to noe.  Id on't know how his family still deals with him with all the after-hours work he puts into getting pictures out to racers ;)

                            ~Nathan Q.